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Somerset Guitar Academy is the perfect place to master your craft, with over 25 years of playing experience and 15 years as an instrument repairer Dan is on hand to get you playing to your full potential. The Somerset Guitar Academy is a member of the London College of Music's Registry of Guitar Tutors and can teach the grading syllabus and enter you for exams should you wish. We also have a small shop on site featuring a selection of secondhand guitars that have been fully set up, strings, leads and all the other accessories you might need.

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Guitar Tuition

Dan has over 25 years of playing experience, many of them have been spent performing live in bands and over this time has taught guitar and bass. Registered with the London College of Music's Registry of Guitar Tutors you can choose to enter exams or just play for fun!

You can be of a beginner, intermediate or advanced level and still benefit from tuition.

Acoustic, electric or bass guitar you can be assured that new skills and techniques will be learnt and there is even a few modules looking at integrating your playing with a band environment and how to get the most out of your amplifier and effects pedals.

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The Somerset Guitar Academy are soon launching their own YouTube channel which features some helpful videos that support our lessons. It doesn't replace them but gives you a visual to remind you of certain techniques as you practice from home. Dan also has his own YouTube account, The Secondhand Gear Show, which focusses on secondhand music gear and highlights some of the things to look out for. It's a really useful guide of you are looking to upgrade your gear but don't want to buy new. Please click on the links to take you to the sites and enjoy this free content!

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Feel free to drop us a line here @ the Academy!

If you wish to book a lesson please use the link above to reserve your date and time.

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